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Types Of Fridges and Freezers

Under Counter Fridges

Under counter fridges are designed to fit in the standard size gap under kitchen worktops. They come in a range of widths to fit different spaces and a variety of colours to fit your kitchen colour scheme.

Under Counter Freezers

Exactly the same as an under counter fridge, but a freezer. Under counter appliances are easier to move around and easier to replace than built in models.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers open from the top, they’re usually much more efficient because cold air is heavier and stays in the freezer when you open the lid. Chest freezers come in a selection of sizes and usually have internal storage baskets to organise their contents. Chest freezers are popular as second freezers, they’re ideal for longer term storage of large amounts of food and can be kept in the garage or utility room.

Fridge Freezers

Fridge freezers combine a fridge and a freezer in one appliance, usually with the fridge part at the top with the freezer part below. The advantages are that they take up less floor space than two separate appliances and that the fridge is at eye level so you can see what’s inside without bending or crouching down.

Built in Fridges and Freezers

Fridges, freezers and combination fridge freezers are available in built in versions designed to fit in to specially made kitchen units. They have special bracket that allow a standard kitchen unit door to be attached to give the appearance of a fully fitted kitchen. Built in appliances are typically a bit more expensive, especially when you consider that you also need to buy the kitchen unit to house it and the extra door.

American Fridge Freezers

American fridge freezers are bigger than the standard type usually found in the UK, the fridge and freezer sections are often side by side making the whole thing wider than the standard size. American fridge freezers tend to have much deeper storage in the doors, making organising your food easier.

Features to Look For

Frost Free

Frost free freezers have a small heating element in them which switches on a few times a day to prevent ice forming around the cold plate. This helps reduce how often you’ll need to defrost.

Ice Maker

Some higher priced freezers include ice makers that produce ice cubes automatically and dispense them. This feature is most common on large, American style fridge freezers and usually requires plumbing in a water supply.

Water Cooler

Another feature that’s common on larger fridges and American fridge freezers, these appliances dispense chilled water from an outlet in the front. Some contain internal reservoirs that you need to refill and others can be plumbed in to a water pipe for a constant supply of chilled water.


Keeping food cool takes energy, most fridges and freezers have an energy efficiency rating so you can choose effectively. EU energy labels are have a rating from A*** to D with A*** being the best and D the worst. You probably won’t fins many appliance below an A rating as new appliance must be A or above but some older stock of less efficient freezers and fridges might still be available.

More efficient models will cost less to run, but it’s worth remembering that the outside temperature has an effect on energy use, so keeping a chest freezer in a cool garage will use less energy than if you have it next to the warm tumble dryer.

Fridges and freezers are at their most efficient when they’re full, so stock up on ice cream!